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Sensors Made In America

Support California jobs and the American industry: buy American Made products!

American Made Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms and Sensors: Superior Technology Tested Most Reliable

Quantum manufactures all its carbon monoxide sensors in San Diego, CA.  We are located at 6827 Nancy Ridge Drive in San Diego, CA 92121. Quantum manufactures carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) controls and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in the USA.  Quantum also manufactures some components and products outside the USA. Quantum prefers to make its carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, control and detector products in the USA.  That is why we use Microchip Technology’s American made silicon, which is the heart of the  microprocessors in our products as well as our biotech carbon monoxide (CO) sensors, which are made in AMERICA.  If you want to support more American Made products buy from Quantum, we are the only carbon monoxide home and RV alarm manufacturer making its sensors in the USA. Buy the best buy American products.

Dr. Mark Goldstein. Quantum Group's CEO and founder, also the co-inventor of biotechnology based carbon monoxide (CO) sensor. This carbon monoxide alarm technology has been tested by the United States of America Department of Energy’s lead laboratory on indoor air quality to be the most reliable and the only False Alarm Free carbon monoxide alarm technology by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).  Please see LBNL Report 40556 (Click here).  Dr. Goldstein is also the founder of Carbon Monoxide Safety & Health Association (COSHA), which was instrumental in creating the market for carbon monoxide alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.  Dr. Goldstein was the most important pioneer in carbon monoxide (CO) alarm and carbon monoxide (CO) detector safety as he proposed the first state legislation and municipal ordinance while heading COSHA in 1987-1997.

Bob Banach is the company's Vice President of Quality. He has a background in semiconductors design, development, engineering and manufacturing, medical and chemical instrumentation.  He also has 20 years carbon monoxide sensor, carbon monoxide detector and alarm manufacturing as well quality.

Michelle Oum is a co-inventor of our advanced MicroSIR Sensor Technology.  Michelle has been working with Quantum for more than 20 years.  She started as a student in 1990.  She has managed production in the early days and then took over R&D.

Brian McGarry is the manager of warehouse operation for shipping AMERICAN MADE carbon monoxide sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. He has been with the company for 19 years.

Eddie Tarango is an engineering technician responsible for maintaining all the company's automation equipment for assembling carbon monoxide sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.  He has been with company for more than 8 years.  Eddie also works on forensic expert witness services supporting law firms in the efforts to find the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning and determine who is responsible for deaths and personal injuries.

Kyoko Goldstein is Director of Administration for Quantum Group Inc. She has been with the company for over 25 years. She also manages HR and customer service.

Dave Salcedo is responsible for Quantum Group Inc. customer service. If you need to place an order or require assistance you may contact him.

Quantum Group Inc. 6827 Nancy Ridge Drive San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Phone: 858-566-9959 Fax: 858.566.9974 Toll Free:  800-432-5599

Web: Email:

Quantum manufactures all of its biotechnology carbon monoxide (CO) sensors for use in carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, as well as carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) controls in California.  These USA made sensor are the only technology tested false alarm free to common household vapors and gases such as disinfectants, air fresheners, cleaners, detergents, hair spray, alcohol and many more.

Quantum also manufactures many carbon monoxide (CO) alarms carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) controls in the USA.

 Quantum's production worker is in our factory in San Diego, CA assembling carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) controls.

Quantum's sensor system production workers are in San Diego, CA assembling carbon monoxide (CO) detectors for the systems market.

Quantum Product Manufacturing Technician is in San Diego, CA factory assembling biotech carbon monoxide (CO) sensors.  These sensors are made in the USA.

Quantum Customer Service Trainee is handling customer service issues relating to carbon monoxide alarms, Quantum Group Inc. is a USA factory in San Diego, CA 

Quantum’s workers are in the San Diego, CA USA factory manufacturing carbon monoxide sensors and carbon monoxide alarms.

Sensor substrate fabrication manager is chemist Alonso Castro.  He is shown running quality control instruments at Quantum Group Inc in the San Diego, CA factory.  He has worked for Quantum for more than 20 years 

Quantum sensor testing is shown in the San Diego, CA USA factory.  Each sensor is tested three times in carbon monoxide before it ships.  First it is tested as a raw sensor in carbon monoxide.  Next it is assembled into the sensor housing and tested again by computer.  Then it is assembled in a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, carbon monoxide (CO) detector, carbon monoxide (CO) control or other carbon monoxide life safety device such as a Quantum Eye, which is a carbon monoxide visual detector.

Quantum Eye sensor production is shown in the San Diego, CA USA factory.  This device changes color from yellow – orange to green and the dark blue.  Green indicate caution and blue indicates danger and a need to evacuate.

Guy McAlister, Manager of Production, San Diego, CA USA.  Mr. McAlister has an extensive background in lean manufacturing at Tyco and other company.  Mr. McAlister manages the carbon monoxide sensor production for more than 10 years.  He also manages the manufacture of carbon monoxide alarms, detectors and controls.

Quantum shipping and receiving is shown in the San Diego, CA USA factory.  All the materials, components and parts for making the carbon monoxide (CO) sensors, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) control made in the USA are handled by this group.