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COSTAR® Newsletter April 30, 2011

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EXTRA! COSTAR® sensors are made in America

Quantum manufactures all its carbon monoxide sensors in San Diego, California (Made in the USA).  Support American companies.  We purchase many materials from companies in CA and throughout the USA.

The first and only CO sensor technology tested false alarm free to protect you and your loved ones from the silent killer: carbon monoxide (CO).  According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine carbon monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning death in North America. According to Dr. Mark Goldstein, a leading expert on carbon monoxide, a New York City doctor had a false alarm with his plug in carbon monoxide alarm.  Then another alarm occurred.  He unplugged the alarm and went to dinner with his wife.  When he returned his babysitter and 4 children were dead.  The Gas Research Institute studied false alarm behavior about ten years ago.  They found that 60 to 70 percent of those who had one false alarm will ignore the next alarm.  Do not be a statistic buy the only false alarm free technology. This technology is in all COSTAR® and Quantum Guardian® brands and in Universal Security Inc.  Model CD9000.

News about the NEW Micro SIR Solid State Infrared Sensor 

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Current Research and Development Activity

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The COSTAR® is the first home CO alarm to protect all kinds of areas of your home including unconditioned space such as garages, attics and basements.  The units you buy at a retail outlet are approved only for conditioned space, which means if your power is out your alarm is out of spec. unless you have the COSTAR®.

How does it work?

The COSTAR® uses a patented infrared optical chemical CO sensor, which is monitored by an electronic microcontroller.  The CO is measured by an invisible pulse of infrared light every 30 to 40 seconds.

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Quantum is developing a miniaturized version of the dependable Quantum SIR sensor.  The miniature sensor assembly is only one-half inch high. The sensor is designed specifically for surface-mount electronics and is well suited for security products. Smaller size plus improved efficiency in manufacturing will result in a less-expensive product..

A UL Certification for the MicroSIR sensor for application in alarms and controls has been obtained.

R & D Activities

The primary focus of the Sensor R&D is to meet and exceed both future and current UL 2034 requirements, for residential, recreational vehicle, and system applications. To insure that the requirements are met, their team continuously formulates, fabricates, and tests advanced sensor formulations to both the current and the proposed UL 2034 standards.

Among all UL 2034 performance tests, the Sequential Testing Requirements for obtaining the Recreational Vehicle Approval Listing are the longest and most difficult to pass. The test conditions are extreme and, in some cases, is a non-realistic representation of real-world environment. These test conditions include temperature ranges from –40°C to + 66°C and relative humidity ranging from 10% to 95% for periods of 4 to 34 days depending on the conditions. In addition, a NEW CO sensing element must also pass the UL 2075 Stability Test in 15-ppm CO for one full year for UL Component Recognition Listing before it can be incorporated into a CO alarm system.

The secondary competitive focus of the Sensor R&D Department is to continuously test Quantum’s SIR and MicroSIR CO sensing technologies against, electrochemical and metal oxide semiconductor CO sensing technologies. These tests include CO sensitivity, immunity to false alarm in the presence of common household cleaning products, and selectivity to CO.  Other tests involve accelerated aging tests at elevated temperature and prolonged exposure to extreme high and low relative humidity.

The Sensor R&D Department has as an objective to design and to develop CO safety shut off devices that meet Japanese requirements for a ten year life and to shut off an appliance producing carbon monoxide. Currently, the Quantum’s technology is being evaluated by the ELCO, Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan and Osaka Gas of Osaka Japan.

Quantum has converted Quantum’s proprietary chemistry into useful CO oxidation catalysts that consume no hydrogen. This technology was later improved by an order of magnitude within 12 months with the funding provided by Chevron-Texaco for a stationary fuel cell application. Presently, this technology is highly favored for air purification applications.


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President and CEO
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