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Carbon Monoxide Deaths from Generators after Hurricane Sandy

by Phil Wright  

There were 12 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning over a four state area 4 in PA, 5 in NJ and 3 in NY and CT in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, according to various new reports. Many more people were seriously injured. In Newark, NJ two 19 year old women, Mudiwa Benson and Kenya Barber died from carbon monoxide because a generator was too close to their apartment window. The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) states you should never use a portable generator closer than 20 feet from the house

Carbon monoxide poisoning during power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy is responsible for five New Jersey deaths, including a 59-year-old Trenton woman found in a house. The generator was left running overnight in the basement. In addition, seven other family members barely escaped death and were hospitalized with serious injuries.  Carbon monoxide attacks the brain and many people never recover their previous mental capabilities. CO poisoning often leads to delayed brain damage (delayed neurological sequelae) effects and even though this phenomena is not well explained. It is seen over and over again in these types of CO poisoning cases. “It is a big problem stated, said Bill Kramer; New Jersey’s acting Fire Marshal (reference Jon Offredo, The Times of Trenton, Nov.17, 2012 and the New York Times Published Nov. 17, 2017).

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission there were about 600 carbon monoxide deaths between 1999 and 2010. “If you do not wake up, having an alarm in the hall can save you money but not your life.  It is precisely this reason you need a CO alarm in every bedroom” says Dr. Mark K. Goldstein a leading carbon monoxide expert. According to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the most reliable carbon monoxide technology is made by Quantum Group Inc. The Quantum CO sensors are made in America. Dr. Goldstein recomemnds “The Quantum COSTAR® Model 9RV is an excellent option for your home or RV”.  Another product he recommended was the Quantum Guardian® Model QG100.

Both are available from Quantum Group Inc. 6827 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA or from websites or or 800 432 5599. The cost ranges from $24 to $36.  “Be Your Own Hero” and protect your loved ones.

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