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CA, CO, ID, OR, MT and other states pass laws to prevent carbon monoxide deaths


Submitted by lesenochek on Sun, 04/10/2011 - 19:59

San Diego, CA  –  Thanks to new state laws in the Western USA, homes and structures with a room used for sleeping must have a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm installed within 15 feet of each bedroom.  There are now over thirty five (35) states that have passed some form of legislation to prevent CO deaths.

Carbon monoxide is the number one cause of accidental poisoning death in America. Carbon monoxide cannot be detected by sight, smell, taste or hearing, yet everyone is at risk because it is emitted by anything that burns fuel. Carbon monoxide can come from faulty, disconnected or improperly installed venting systems, clogged chimneys, fuel burning appliances like water heaters, stoves, ovens, clothes dryers, or a car left running in an attached garage.  In addition, CO causes about 60 to 70% of all fire deaths.  Most people died from CO before the fire burns them.

In past years, many people have wisely purchased carbon monoxide detectors for their homes. But because common household cleaning products and laundry detergents contain ingredients that often falsely activated many existing alarm technologies, frustrated consumers frequently disconnected these alarms.  Now, a proven false-alarm free carbon monoxide alarm has been developed and marketed by Quantum Group Inc.

The Quantum Guardian® Carbon Monoxide Alarm utilizes a solid-state infrared design.  The affordable, battery operated Quantum Guardian® Alarm has been tested false-alarm free by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories; additionally, it is UL certified for use in homes, apartments, attics, basements and garages. The Quantum Guardian® Carbon Monoxide Alarm is your best defense against accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. To learn more about Quantum Guardian® Carbon Monoxide Alarm  and to make a purchase go to

According to Dr. Mark Goldstein, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Group Inc., the world leader in False Alarm Free carbon monoxide technology, “Medical professionals report carbon monoxide poisoning is widespread and grossly under reported. 23.6% of people diagnosed with the flu BY DOCTORS actually were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning” in a study by Michael Dolan M.D in the Journal of Emergency Medicine.