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CA Bill SB1394 written by Senator Alan Lowenthal

BLOG by Mark Kingston Goldstein, Ph.D.

CA Bill SB1394 written by Senator Alan Lowenthal

This bill passed the Senate and Assembly and was sent to Governor Brown 8-30-2012.  He is expected to sign the bill but one can never predict Jerry Brown.

This bill, SB1394 does a number of things that will impact smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) Alarms in the near future.

1.       Carbon monoxide alarm impact: The purpose of SB 1394 (Lowenthal) SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS AS AMENDED 4/10/2012 is to delay the effective date for hotels and motels. SB183 is the law requiring carbon monoxide alarm in homes, hotel, motels, medical facilities and dormitories, which is effective January 1, 2013.  The carbon monoxide law will be delayed for 3 years for hotels and motels if Governor Jerry Brown signs this bill.

2.       The smoke alarm impact is in 2014.  SB1394 will require battery operated smoke alarms to use a 10 year life battery that are tamper resistant by 2014.

This has been done by the state of Oregon years ago and the technology is now well proven by putting tamper proof lithium batteries onto the circuit board inside the case. The smoke alarm portion of bill SB1394 requires all smoke alarms listed by the California State Fire Marshal shall include:

“1. The date of manufacture of the alarm on each device and provide a place on the alarm that the installer can print the date of installation of the alarm

2. A “hush” feature which silences the device for nuisance alarms

3. An “end of life” feature which notifies the owner that the that the alarm needs to be replaced

4. A minimum of a 10-year tamper resistant battery”

In addition, the 10 year life smoke alarm will be required when the owner of a home places an application for a permit that exceeds $1,000. For single and multi-family residences, the owner shall insure that the smoke alarm is not only operable at the time the tenant takes possession but also insure that the smoke alarm(s) shall have a 10-year life (tamper resistant) battery.

This code will be enforced before the sale of a home can be final.